MJN Express is one of Canada’s first and premier online Cannabis Dispensaries. We pride ourselves on the widest selection, most affordable pricing, and fastest shipping times possible with Xpress Post. Our team is comprised of some of the most qualified and professional individuals in the naturopath world, exploring the world of Cannabis, and online sales.



Mackenzie Waiters

Mackenzie had a dream, since the 2001 bill allowing medical marijuana to be sold. He believed that marijuana could be bought and sold online, then distributed across Canada. After starting MJN Express he quickly realized that e-transfers could serve as the money transfer and Canada Post would be a reliable distributor.

James Casey

Dr. James Casey immigrated to Canada to ensure a system was in place that enabled medicinal marijuana patients could get their necessary cannabis. As the world and regulations changed over time, MJN has adapted to be a place everyone to feel comfortable acquiring whatever they need.


with 10 additional doctors on staff & support who review our research, share news articles, and help support us in our evidence-based approach to managing chronic pain, and other conditions such as PTSD and sleep disorders.




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